About Us

About Us


Picturesque takes entertainment and gives the customer an everlasting memory!  With completely automated and weather proof infield cameras, setting up for the perfect picture is our specialty! Picturesque allows businesses to add an additional form of revenue for years to come at a low start up investment.

We offer complete buy-out systems or turn-key, at no cost with 24/7 maintenance agreements. Picturesque will provide employees for the booth or you can use your employees.

Complete custom booths/kiosks or unmanned stations available upon request! Free quote package with ROI expectations. All partnerships have access to our Picturesque training program. Customers can purchase photos as a hard photo copy, a USB stick, or an email attachment.

Coming Fall 2015:

Customers will have online access for user accounts and online photo retrieval/purchase!  Picturesque programs RFID (radio frequency identification) software to meet any of your active/still image photography needs.


Company History

Picturesque was formed in 2014 by three individuals with significant experience and contacts in various related industries. Picturesque is a sister company of Visions Smart Systems, founded in 2011. Visions Smart Systems specialty is camera systems and IT/Networking including access and current business relationships with over 25 amusement locations. Visions Smart Systems benefits the client through loss prevention, and Picturesque brings extra revenue for the client. The two companies go hand-in-hand.


Meet the Team

Daniel Sochalski


Daniel has five years IT/Networking experience, and six years camera systems design and implementation. He is the President and founder of Visions Smart Systems.

Brandon Marker

Vice President of Operations

Brandon has seven years of IT/Networking experience, as well as camera system design and implementation. He is also the service manager at Visions Smart Systems.

Paige Clark

Vice President of Marketing

Paige has three years of experience in digital media design, and manages administrative operations at Visions Smart Systems.